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Jim Larson's Home Page

My resume.

Computer and Internet

Standard C Coding Style
A style guide for programming in C, handed down from God himself. Do not follow the false style guides.
An Introduction to Lambda Calculus and Scheme
The contents of a brief lecture on lambda calculus, and its benefits to a programmers.
Object-Oriented Programming in C
A standard idiom that gives you 90% of the benefits of object-oriented support in a language at 10% of the price.
High-level and Low-level Programming in C
You can extend the C programming language with certain utilities and idioms to get some the features of a ``high-level'' programming language. Also, you can bypass some of C's regular features to get direct access to low-level capabilities.
C Done Right
An experiment in language design - what if we had C to do over again?
Programming Books
The most-used books on my shelf.



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