An Old-School Internet Social Club

For questions, concerns, or administrative issues, you may contact

Please keep in mind that posting this address invites many of the worst dregs of the net to email us; this includes but is not limited to: spammers, anti-spammers, phishers, authorities, and advocates of content censorship. These dregs all bother us at this address. So if you have a real question about us or an issue that actually interests us it will help you greatly to put the string [REALCONTACT] in the subject line of the mail, that way you might actually get an answer.

JetCafe takes certain types of net.abuse seriously. If your abuse issue is related to computer security, law enforcement (USA only), or SPAM (defined as large volumes of email either relaying or originating from here), please put the string [ABUSE] in an email to and by all means let us know your issue.

Otherwise, please note: JetCafe is has strict ideals on content. As such, we do not really care about the content our users post or email. Such matters are directly the responsibility of the user in question. We do not have the time, the desire, nor the resources to effectively control what a user posts, transmits, emails, or publishes on any of the electronic channels we provide. We suggest you email that user directly.

Any abuse claim deemed to be content-related will be ignored. If you think we can't do that, remember that Dave Hayes (of net.legends fame) has taught us everything we know about ignoring people on the net. Unlike most of the early net we actually listened to him, so we are extremely good at ignoring people. Good luck!