The Largest Hotels in Las Vegas

Last updated, December 31, 2004

The purpose of this page is to list the 10 largest hotels in Las Vegas by room count. Much of this information was taken from Steve Boorie's excellent American Casino Guide, 2004 ed..

Hotel Owner Number of Rooms
MGM Grand MGM Mirage 5757
Luxor Mandalay Resorts Group 4677
Mandalay Bay Mandalay Resorts Group 3279+1122+424 [1]
Excalibur Mandalay Resorts Group 4054
Venetian Las Vegas Sands, Inc. 4046
Bellagio MGM Mirage 3933
Circus Circus Mandalay Resorts Group 3892
Flamingo, Las Vegas Park Place Entertainment 3780
Mirage MGM Mirage 3325
Monte Carlo MGM Mirage and Mandalay Resorts Group 3261

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