History of Casino Implosions in Las Vegas


Las Vegas is a city of change. "Out with the old, in with the new" could easily be the city motto. As a consequence, developers in this area often want to get rid of some pretty large buildings in a hurry. Las Vegas is also a city of spectacle. Therefore, starting with the destruction of the Dunes in 1993, the demolition of its history has often been a tourist attraction. Here is a list of recent casino implosions in reverse chronological order:

Las Vegas Casino Implosions

Date Casino Imploded to make way for...
March 13, 2007 Stardust Echelon Place
March 5, 2007 Desert Inn, Parking Garage Wynn Las Vegas -- Encore
November 17, 2004 Desert Inn, St. Andrews Tower Wynn Las Vegas
October 23, 2001 Desert Inn, Augusta Tower Wynn Las Vegas
October 3, 2000 El Rancho condominiums
April 27, 1998 old Aladdin new Aladdin
December 31, 1996 Hacienda Mandalay Bay
November 26, 1996 Sands Venetian
November 7, 1995 Landmark Las Vegas Convention Center parking lot
October 27, 1993 Dunes Bellagio

Most of these implosions were done by the amazing professionals at Controlled Demolition, Inc..

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