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Nick Christenson was once Senior Technical Consultant/Senior Software Engineer at Sendmail, Inc.. Prior to that, he was Senior Architect at EarthLink Network, Inc.. He also writes book reviews for the Poker Player newspaper.

He is the author of the book sendmail Performance Tuning, published 2003 by Addison-Wesley.

He is the lead author, with Russell Fox, of the book Winning Strategies for No-Limit Hold'em, published 2008 by ConJelCo.

He is also the lead author, with Brad Knowles, of the booklet Internet Postmaster: Duties and Responsibilities, published 2006 by SAGE/USENIX.

He has also written several articles and papers, some of which are listed here:

A list of other, less significant writings are available.

He maintains information on the sizes of the larger ISPs and Free Email Providers. Please help keep this information current.

He is also an avid Poker and Blackjack player, and he maintains some gambling information resources.

He has written several book reviews on both computing and gambling.

(Stupid Puce Ribbon 
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