Other Gambling and Casino Information

Nick Christenson's Las Vegas Casino Death Watch. What Las Vegas hotel/casinos are likely to close in the near future? Here are some ideas.

Historical Las Vegas Strip Casino Map. This is inspired by the great map by 'Net legend "Scruffy". Unfortunately, Scruffy's map has been offline for years. Until it returns, we'll do what we can to fill it's shoes.

Historical Las Vegas Downtown Casino Map. This is a "downtown" version of the aforementioned Strip map.

The Death Watch editorial staff was present at the implosion of the Stardust. A trip report, photos, and implosion videos are available.

A recent history of Las Vegas casino implosions.

In January 2004, Binion's Horseshoe was closed down by Gaming Control, reopened by Harrah's and MTR gaming in March 2004, and turned over to MTR to manage by themselves in March 2005. Information regarding this saga has been collected.

I also track Casino Owners for:

along with their company information, whether they're publically tradeable or not, and their stock ticker symbol.

I have a list of the largest casinos in the United States ranked by floor space.

Here is a list of the largest hotels in Las Vegas ranked by number of rooms.

A collection of book reviews on gambling related books is available.

I've compiled personally encountered Blackjack conditions in a page.

In addition, here are the conditions at various Craps games I've encountered.

Map of Laughlin, NV Casinos. As far as I know, this is the only map of Laughlin available online anywhere. It needs updating.

Map of Reno, NV Casinos.

A crude map of Los Angeles area card rooms and freeways is also available.

I have a listing of various artists' renditions of the Elvis Presley classic, Viva Las Vegas.

Finally, here is a list of what I think are the worst themes for potential Las Vegas resort/casinos.

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